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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Possess Saga ~ J.A. Howell

When I was introduced to Nolan Finley, I was already pissed at him and we hadn’t even met yet.  Yes, I was holding a grudge.  I was ticked because I was all about Brody Walsh and a small part of me blamed Brody’s death on Nolan.  I loved Brody.  Still do.  But after a few glimpses into Nolan’s, umm . . .kitchen, I fell for him.  I mean, look at him.  Who wouldn’t?  Not to mention, that accent.  So hot.   

J.A. and I had a few conversations about Nolan and Brody, and she has assures me that Nolan is as hot as I imagine (and that we haven’t seen the last of Brody). 

J.A. recently sat down with Nolan and asked him a few questions.  (One of which was not about his infamous culinary skills with sausage . . . much to my dismay.)  Here’s what Nolan had to say:


JAH: I’m sitting down today with Nolan Finley from The Possess Saga. Nolan, thank you for joining me today.
Nolan: The pleasure’s all mine. *grins*

JAH: *smiles back* So, we know you run Finley’s Pub in The Possess Saga…well actually in all my books that take place in Midtown. Do you enjoy your job?
Nolan: For the most part. Every now and then I have ta toss a drunk out or break up fights. But I consider that a perk of the job.

JAH: Ah yes. I’ve heard that Aggie sometimes is bad about not cutting people off when she should, just so she gets to see you throw them out.
Nolan: Hmmph. She would. She’s a bit of an instigator.

JAH: Speaking of instigators. I also heard you were a bit of a wild one when you were younger and got into lots of fights.
Nolan: *looks around * Me? Never!

Nolan: Okay maybe a few. *Shrugs, flashing a devious grin*

JAH: I’ve heard when it was you and Brody out together you two were a bit of a force to be reckoned with. What sort of things did you guys get in fights over?
Nolan:  *His grin only grows as he stretches his arms out behind his head* Well…we beat up a lot of Aggie’s boyfriends. Most of ‘em were arseholes.  Every now and then I “might” have gotten inta a bar fight over a girl.

JAH: How noble of you.
Nolan: Not really. It was usually because their boyfriend caught us. Of course, how was I ta know they had a man if they were flirtin’ with me, right?

JAH: So you never knew that those girls had boyfriends? *raises an eyebrow, giving him a skeptical stare*
Nolan: *snorts* Me? Never!

Nolan: Okay, maybe a few.

JAH: Right, speaking of girls. I heard you like big butts. *Fails to suppress a giggle*
Nolan: And I cannot lie?

JAH: *Shakes head* Please don’t get that song stuck in my head.
Nolan: *laughs* Yes, I appreciate a nice arse. But ya really need ta stop talkin’ ta Aggie so much.

JAH: I can’t help it! She has all the good dirt on you!
Nolan: *crosses arms and lets out an indignant grunt*

JAH: I’m sure you have dirt on her too. You two are like brother and sister.
Nolan: Yes. She’s the little sister I never had. Or wanted.

JAH: I’m sooooo telling her you said that.
Nolan:*winces* Ah, Christ! Don’t do that! She’s vicious with those boney knees of hers.  What else do ya want ta know?

JAH: Hmm. I should use that scare tactic more often. Okay so one final question. A bit more serious. From books 1 & 2 of The Possess Saga, it’s obvious that a lot has happened to you in the past with the whole situation surrounding Brody’s death. Given where you are now, do you regret any of it?
Nolan: That’s a tough one. I like Harley and I’m glad I met her. If what happened with Claire and with Brody had never happened, would I have ever met her? I’m not sure. I’m glad things work out the way they do, but I really hate that they cost me some of the things they did. And I can’t say I’m not ashamed of myself for some of the part that I played in all of it.

JAH: Thanks for such a candid response. Well, it’s been a pleasure indeed, but I should let you get back to the pub.
Nolan: *winks* Until the next book, then.

Brody Walsh’s life is left in disarray when his girlfriend is found brutally raped and murdered. But it completely shatters when his best friend, Nolan is arrested for the crime.

Even as the media is portraying him as a monster, Brody knows Nolan isn’t capable of murder.

That leaves the question: Who is?

Once the trial begins, Brody discovers just how little he knew about his girlfriend, spurring him to dig into her past for possible answers. And as Aggie, his long time confidant and childhood crush, stands by his side through all of this, he finds his own past resurfacing when his feelings for her reignite. But as the media and the prosecutors close in on Nolan, ready to convict him for a crime he didn’t commit, Brody will be forced to make a choice.

A choice that will lead to his untimely death.



Stumbling off the bus in Midtown, Harley Martin thought she found an escape from her old life.

She soon realizes it was anything but that.

Low on cash and options, she manages to find herself a cheap but surprisingly nice apartment. The catch? The last tenant, Brody Walsh, killed himself.

Or did he?

As disturbing dreams and hauntings start to occur, Harley realizes there may be much more behind the previous tenant’s death than a simple suicide. She finds her life further entangled with his when she learns that her new boss, Nolan, was also his best friend. Could this handsome but evasive pub owner have something to do with Brody’s death?

Trying to piece together the events surrounding Brody’s death proves to be a daunting task, but Harley can’t give up. Brody won’t let her. He is still in the apartment with her, trapped in limbo until she finds his killer.

But he’s not waiting for revenge.

Harley's next.

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Author Bio:
J.A Howell is an office drone by day, and a writer by night. Her love of writing took off when she was eleven years old and decided to fill a composition notebook with stories to read to her friends. Many years (and notebooks) later, not much has changed. She still loves writing and sharing her works with others. When she isn’t writing, she can often be found trying her hand at whatever artistic pursuit strikes her fancy. J.A. Howell resides in Apopka, FL with her husband and their menagerie of animal children. 
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