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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Toothbrush Backstory I know many of you have been on the edge of your seats, anxiously awaiting the story behind last Friday's "Question of the Day"....haven't you?  It's ok to admit it.  So here it is.

Last Thursday night my toothbrush was wet....and I hadn't brushed MY teeth with it yet.  It kind of freaked me out a bit.  But I handled it well...really...I did.  I opened the bottom drawer of the bathroom cabinet and pulled out one of the stash that always comes home with us from every visit to the dentist (at least we get something from the seriously inflated bill).  Anyway...I used THAT toothbrush.  My new, personal, hot pink toothbrush.  A girly toothbrush.  One that will (hopefully) deter any future male inclinations to even touch it, much less go through the process of using it for any reason.  I even left the other TWO toothbrushes in the holder so he still has options.

Needless to say, the Dear Hubby (aka DH) doesn't seem to see anything wrong with sharing a toothbrush.  Makes me wonder how many times in the past he has used it that I'm oblivious to.  (Truthfully....I don't think I WANT to know...really)

I would go into detail about my rant and subsequent "hissy fit" that occurred the following morning.  But I want you all to continue's good for you to exercise your imaginations.  I'll leave it at that.

So now you know my answer.  Unless there is an emergency situation - like say a hurricane or tsunami wiped out the significant other's toothbrush - then that's a no go on sharing.  As I told my DH:

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Toothbrush That Broke the Camel's Back

This morning something came's not even remotely closely related to my writing this book.
Nope. Not at all.

It was one of those things that comes out of the blue and has led me to think I need a "Question of the Day"

So here it is...I'd love to hear what you think about it.  By all means...chime in with a comment.  I'm fairly curious if everyone else feels the same as I do...or what the overall consensus is.  (I've already learned a few heated opinions - for Tink, apparently...this is a major deal breaker).

I won't tell my "story" about the question until I've heard a few inputs. :)

Question of the Day:

Is it okay to share a toothbrush with your significant other?  Why or why not?

So let's hear it!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's official...I need therapy

I realize that it's a good thing to push yourself, to expect more from strive for greater things.  But, at what point do you declare yourself nuts and seek professional help?

Ok, the professional help I need may not REALLY be in a therapeutic sense. (Though I am a firm believer in chocolate therapy...big fan)  What I really need is help with my tendency to think a little too big at times.

I decided Tuesday that I'm going to try very hard to finish this manuscript ( by Nov. 28th.  That will give me a couple of days for reading over it and seeing if I need any major revisions that would have to happen at warp speed in order to get said manuscript in the mail to reach the deadline of Dec. 2...which is the date it needs to arrive at the RWA office to be considered for the Golden Heart Award. 

The Golden Heart is awarded each year to one unpublished author (for which I qualify).   I'm not sure what flash of brilliance convinced me it could be done (by Nov 28)...but Jenny (my friend) assures me it's "doable."  I do love her confidence in me..or is it in my muse?

Regardless....I am up for the challenge.  I'll keep you up to date on the progress.
Wish me luck.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Synopsis (That's an author's word for "Summary")

Book of Dreams: (this part of title to be determined)

Halle Michaels is a not so typical seventeen year old with two unusual gifts… her dreams become reality and she hears voices. 
Aeden is an unwavering Guardian… one of a host of immortals assigned as protectors of humanity. One who doesn’t allow emotion to cloud his judgment. 
When Aeden is assigned to guard Halle, life for both of them changes forever and for an immortal...forever is a long time.
The Hellions, enemies of the Guardians and all of humanity, believe that Halle is the key to finding The Book of Dreams, a book of ancient truths.  The Book holds knowledge that could lead the Hellions to the Tree of Life, lost at the beginning of time when humanity fell from grace.  Finding the Tree of Life would give the Hellions power to control the mortal world and wage war once more against the heavenly Kingdom of Marom.
The High Guardian, Gabriel, learns of the dangers Halle faces and assigns Aiden to protect her.  An assignment Aiden thought would be simple enough. He didn’t count on her unusual abilities factoring in to the equation, nor was he prepared for the effect this mortal would have on him.  Learning that she was the daughter of the one Guardian who gave up immortality to become human complicated his assignment even more.
Halle must find a way to make sense of the voices and her dreams in order to learn to use her abilities to save herself, those she loves and possibly mankind.  
Aeden must decide between duty and his heart, when Halle begins trying to prevent the terrible things that happen in her dreams from becoming reality.  Does he break the cardinal rule not to interfere in the decision of a mortal to save Halle’s life ultimately losing his chances of finding the Book? Or does he follow the rules he has protected for longer than humanity has existed, obtain The Book, and leave Halle to face her consequences, knowing she could be lost forever?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello World Wide Web!!!

I finally decided to join the rest of the world and start a blog. I admit, it was a tough decision considering the fact that I sometimes feel like I have to steal what time I get to write on my manuscript and now I'm adding a blog to the mix. an author aspiring to join the ranks of the published, I've been encouraged (strongly, might I add) to create a presence in the vast world of technology...aka: the web. I am, putting my thoughts and ramblings out there.  After all, as a writer, isn't that what its all REALLY about anyway?  Just writing.  So, I write for me and for all those who are brave enough to venture into the words that flow from my (twisted, genius, rambling, hyperactive, half-baked, curious, inventive, stubborn, amiable, perceptive, highly original but sometimes hard to fathom) mind.

What will I be posting about you ask? Excellent question.

I'll begin by documenting my journey through my first manuscript.  Hopefully my (mis)adventures will be helpful to others who may be on their own journey. 

I'll also post about sites and information I come across that could be helpful to other writers...or whoever.  I don't discriminate.

Once I've completed my manuscript ( one begin holding your breath...could be a while)  I'll continue on with the challenges, progress and adventures that present themselves along the road to published author.  Yes...I'm aware that I sound very confident.  I am.  I have to be...don't I?  If I dont' have confidence in my success who will?  Ok, besides my Mom.  But she HAS to believe in me...I'm pretty sure she signed some kind of contract stating so before she was allowed to bring me home from the hospital.

I am currently working on a YA paranormal romance, which is not yet officially titled.  I have a working title, but I've mentally changed it at least 7 times, so I'm sticking with the "no title" story for now. I will post a brief synopsis and sample chapters soon.

I'm looking forward to cementing my adventures in writing as I make my way through my first novel.  Hope you'll join me since I'm a social butterfly type and I hate being alone (which might be why I've started writing this novel...characters are always with you - yes, I know...I have a therapist on speed dial).

God bless!