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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Calling all Bloggers - Blog Share

They like me, they really like me.

Ok..maybe not really! But it makes us feel liked when we see a new follower pop up on our list...doesn't it?  Don't lie to yourself, it's just like high school.  We all want to be popular.  The difference is, you couldn't trade popularity points with other misfits in HS...but on the internet, it is soooo perfectly doable. :)

So, for all you fellow bloggers out there, there's a Blog-fest Blog Share going on over at Indies Unlimted. It's a great way to meet and network with fellow bloggers as well as build your ego, following. :)

Check it out and pass the word along. :)

(oh...and leave me a comment to let me know I'm popular, I mean, that you checked it out)

Indies Unlimited Blog-Fest


  1. Totally liking you and envying your coolness. I was in the nerd crowd in high school (think chess club).

  2. So true about "likes" and high school! Hello fellow blogger. I'm checking in from IU.


  3. And a hi from IU. A definite like from me.