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Monday, November 8, 2010

Synopsis (That's an author's word for "Summary")

Book of Dreams: (this part of title to be determined)

Halle Michaels is a not so typical seventeen year old with two unusual gifts… her dreams become reality and she hears voices. 
Aeden is an unwavering Guardian… one of a host of immortals assigned as protectors of humanity. One who doesn’t allow emotion to cloud his judgment. 
When Aeden is assigned to guard Halle, life for both of them changes forever and for an immortal...forever is a long time.
The Hellions, enemies of the Guardians and all of humanity, believe that Halle is the key to finding The Book of Dreams, a book of ancient truths.  The Book holds knowledge that could lead the Hellions to the Tree of Life, lost at the beginning of time when humanity fell from grace.  Finding the Tree of Life would give the Hellions power to control the mortal world and wage war once more against the heavenly Kingdom of Marom.
The High Guardian, Gabriel, learns of the dangers Halle faces and assigns Aiden to protect her.  An assignment Aiden thought would be simple enough. He didn’t count on her unusual abilities factoring in to the equation, nor was he prepared for the effect this mortal would have on him.  Learning that she was the daughter of the one Guardian who gave up immortality to become human complicated his assignment even more.
Halle must find a way to make sense of the voices and her dreams in order to learn to use her abilities to save herself, those she loves and possibly mankind.  
Aeden must decide between duty and his heart, when Halle begins trying to prevent the terrible things that happen in her dreams from becoming reality.  Does he break the cardinal rule not to interfere in the decision of a mortal to save Halle’s life ultimately losing his chances of finding the Book? Or does he follow the rules he has protected for longer than humanity has existed, obtain The Book, and leave Halle to face her consequences, knowing she could be lost forever?

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