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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello World Wide Web!!!

I finally decided to join the rest of the world and start a blog. I admit, it was a tough decision considering the fact that I sometimes feel like I have to steal what time I get to write on my manuscript and now I'm adding a blog to the mix. an author aspiring to join the ranks of the published, I've been encouraged (strongly, might I add) to create a presence in the vast world of technology...aka: the web. I am, putting my thoughts and ramblings out there.  After all, as a writer, isn't that what its all REALLY about anyway?  Just writing.  So, I write for me and for all those who are brave enough to venture into the words that flow from my (twisted, genius, rambling, hyperactive, half-baked, curious, inventive, stubborn, amiable, perceptive, highly original but sometimes hard to fathom) mind.

What will I be posting about you ask? Excellent question.

I'll begin by documenting my journey through my first manuscript.  Hopefully my (mis)adventures will be helpful to others who may be on their own journey. 

I'll also post about sites and information I come across that could be helpful to other writers...or whoever.  I don't discriminate.

Once I've completed my manuscript ( one begin holding your breath...could be a while)  I'll continue on with the challenges, progress and adventures that present themselves along the road to published author.  Yes...I'm aware that I sound very confident.  I am.  I have to be...don't I?  If I dont' have confidence in my success who will?  Ok, besides my Mom.  But she HAS to believe in me...I'm pretty sure she signed some kind of contract stating so before she was allowed to bring me home from the hospital.

I am currently working on a YA paranormal romance, which is not yet officially titled.  I have a working title, but I've mentally changed it at least 7 times, so I'm sticking with the "no title" story for now. I will post a brief synopsis and sample chapters soon.

I'm looking forward to cementing my adventures in writing as I make my way through my first novel.  Hope you'll join me since I'm a social butterfly type and I hate being alone (which might be why I've started writing this novel...characters are always with you - yes, I know...I have a therapist on speed dial).

God bless!

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