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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ideas for Marketing Your Book - Part 2

Repeat after me:

I love marketing.
I love marketing.
I love marketing.

I’ve read somewhere that if you repeat something for at least 10 seconds, you’ll remember it.  Maybe if you repeat it enough times, you’ll start to believe it as well.   Who knows . . . the human mind is a strange and wondrous thing.

As I mentioned in part 1, you realized once you have made it to getting your book published that the work has only just begun.  Writing your book, editing it, publishing it – that was the easy part.  Those things have a sense of closure to them. 

Marketing . . . well, marketing is like that painful, angst-ridden breakup with your ex – closure isn’t an option.  It goes on and on.   (Tweet this comment)

Ultimately though, marketing brings with it a satisfying end – much like running into that ex months later and seeing that you are 10 times better looking than their current arm ornament and likely more mentally stable.

Here are more ideas for getting you to that ultimate reward.

List # 2 – Send, Send, Send

1.      Send a copy to review sites or book review blogs (I am in the process of putting a list of these sites together . . . stay tuned for that).

2.      Find a top reviewer (I’ve linked to the site for you) of books in your genre on and contact them, asking if they’d like a copy of your book.  Reviewers LOVE free books to read.

3.      Send a copy to local book clubs in your area (and surrounding areas too). 

4.      BONUS:  If the local book clubs have regular meetings . . . set up a “Meet the Author” night with them . . . have a Book Signing while you’re at it. 

5.      If you still have them in your area, send a copy to your local independent bookstore as part of a marketing kit or press release.  Bookstores love to receive advanced free copies and often give them to their employees to read and suggest to customers.

6.      Offer free copies on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – whatever social media outlet you can get on – as a raffle.  Create fun contests for your readers all while building a contact list to send updates too.

7.      Give away free copies on  Ask readers to only mooch your book if they are willing to review it for you on  You can gain more reviews which will in turn help sell books.

  1. College Campuses! Don’t forget your campus bookstore, campus library, campus clubs, writing groups, historical societies, etc.  Especially if your target audience is YA!

Well . . . I have way more marketing tips than I had realized.  I’ll have to make sure I have a Part 3 very soon.  Until then....Happy Marketing!!!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog, Bridgette, and I retweeted and followed. I finished my book three weeks ago, and I'm still looking for the great agent and traditional book deal, but I don't think I'll wait long.

  2. Enjoyed your ideas! Will share on my site!