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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life....does it get in OUR way, or do we get in it's way?

Apologies for the light (ok, ok...nonexistent) blogging lately. I've been preoccupied with personal matters and haven't been able to give much attention to this blog -- or, unfortunately, my writing in general.  Sometimes, life runs perfectly...just like you imagine it should (ok, maybe not MY life..but I’ve heard it happens...I think this is how Urban Legends get started), can be chaotic at best... kids need a little extra attention, the dog decides to go off the deep end and drag everything not bolted down in the neighbor’s yard to your porch, you have 200 errands to run and only 2 days to run them.  You get my point.  Then throw in the roller coaster that your emotional life can turn into and you just don’t know how to make the danged thing stop. 
Thing is...I love roller coasters.  I remember a trip with the youth group at church to Bush Gardens one was late in the season, the park was fairly empty (which is the best time to go) and the Loch Nest Monster coaster was a free for all.  You got off the ride, walked around and got right back on.  It was GREAT!  Life isn’t always like that.  Sometimes, the coaster is just not so great.  Though, I can see how life works that way.  You get off the roller coaster....sometimes maybe a little sick to your stomach, maybe a little dizzy from the ride....but you have to walk around and get back on.  You can’t let the side effects of the loops and turns keep you from riding.
I honestly don’t know how people do it when they don’t have God to lean on though.  I know I haven’t mentioned my faith much in my blogging thus far, but I am who I am.  I believe what I believe.  We are all entitled to that.  I don’t judge anyone for their a Christian, that sooo isn’t my place.  But if you don’t have somewhere to lean, someone to lean on...what do you do when life feels like it’s just too much?  When the roller coaster feels like it isn’t ever going to stop long enough for you to catch your breath, get your bearings, and get ready to get back on? 
Anyway...I’m catching my breath, getting my bearings and preparing to get back on the roller coaster...hopefully for a more enjoyable ride.  I’ll be back to posting soon.  Until then....
I pray your roller coaster is going at just the speed you like.

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